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In the event of a school closure, work will be sent via ParentMail for pupils to complete at home. This work will be available via online platforms such as Education City. Class teachers will signpost pupils towards appropriate work, which will not require printing at home, and can be submitted online for teachers to view. For those families with limited internet access, a hard copy of work will be available.

Education City


Your child will have an individual username and password. This is case sensitive.


In addition to work set by teachers, the following websites are currently offering free subscriptions and services for the coming weeks:

Twinkl has thousands of resources, activities and PowerPoints on every subject that we study at school, for all year groups!
Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning series of games that’s helped millions of children learn to read. Play for free on the website or download the app.
3P Learning offers a suite of learning resources is designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy, science
Backpack Sciences is a free video series on how to teach science without being overwhelming.
Circle Time Fun helps you to learn and bond with your infant school age child. Code: homefun1
Designed for ages 12 and under, plenty of games, lessons and more, all about maths.
Independent, objective focused educational games specifically for use by children aged 3-5 in Primary School/Nursery settings. 1 month free premium access currently.

5 Minute Move: Kids Workout
Joe Wickes, the Body Coach, has a series of videos available on youtube which are great for getting the children moving!
Minecraft: Education Edition. A game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment.
Night Zookeeper is a complete homeschooling website. Lots of game-style learning with online tutor support available. Free full access for one week.
PDSA - PetWise School Award: PDSA have made changes to their PetWise School Award programme so parents can sign up as a home school and their children can work through the levels and still end up with a glass award, lanyard and pin badge. It’s all completely free of charge, thanks to the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. They just thought it would be nice for children to earn an award for the work they complete while they’re off school and what better topic than pets!
Phonics Hero teaches school-aged children to read and spell with systematic phonics. Using a step-by-step approach, the 850 games teach children the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words, and how to conquer sentences. Available on tablets and computers. 30 days full access for free.
Username: march20               Password: home
Science Journal for Kids: hundreds of scientific articles, written for kids, approved by scientists!
Sumdog: Motivate your child to work on mathematics, spelling and grammar with an online platform which is proven to accelerate growth, offering personalized practice for ages 5-14.


As always, please ensure that your children are supervised while using the internet.


Please don’t feel that you need to recreate school at home. See it as an opportunity to learn new skills such as gardening, cooking, baking etc. This is a unique opportunity to slow things down and focus on things like encouraging play – at any age! Try to reignite passions for reading, writing stories and acting them out. Above all, don’t worry about letting you child have moments of boredom, don’t worry about having every day scheduled and filled, letting creativity run free might be the start of something new!

Class Blogs!

The class blogs are now LIVE!

Each of the Year R teachers have written their first blog for the children

This blog will be for members of each class to share updates on things they've been doing at home and keep in contact with one another. These blogs will be monitored by teaching staff but we ask that parents/carers ensure their child uses this platform appropriately, following rules about keeping personal information safe, e.g. no surnames, addresses etc. We are really looking forward to hearing from the children and finding out what they have been up to!



Where can I go to get support to help keep my child safe online?


There is a lot of support available to keep your child safe online. Below are some useful links to help parents and carers: