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The children take part in daily phonics where they follow the Jolly Phonics scheme to learn the sounds and names that each letter of the alphabet makes. Each sound is taught through an action, a story and a song. The children then learn to segment and blend sounds to read words.


The children have one to one reading at school and they also get a weekly reading book to take home and share with their families. We also have multiple story times with varied texts and genres to provide the children with high quality text experiences.


The children are encouraged to mark-make and write throughout the learning environment in a variety of ways. This includes big paper to make posters, writing in sand or flour, writing shopping lists, postcards, party invitations and speech bubbles. We follow the Kinetic Letters programme to develop the core strength needed for writing. The children learn 6 moves to enable them to write all letters of the alphabet.


Please also refer to our English Policy below.