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School Council & Parents Forum

School Council

At Manor Infant School we value the children’s opinions. The school has an active School Council comprising two children from each class. This is what they say about Manor Infant School Council:


  • We decide things and make sure our school is fun and safe.
  • Children make good decisions.
  • We make good choices and we vote and learn.
  • We make things better in our school and make sure it is a nice place to be.
  • We decided what to have to eat at our Christmas party.
  • We made the rules for the new play area to keep everyone safe.
  • If you or your child have any questions regarding the school council, please talk to your child's class teacher.


Parent's Forum

The Parent's forum is a means of communication between the school community and those living locally in order to ensure our pupils have the best possible chance to be successful. The group is intended to advise and support the management of the school in making judgements on improving provision.

Members are volunteers willing to give time, one meeting per term, to support the school and its community. If you are interested in joining the Parent's Forum, please talk to your child's teacher or the school office.

All parties should be able to bring items to the forum in order to improve the community. It should be recognised that some items may be of a sensitive nature and may therefore remain confidential until decisions are made public. It may also be that some members may have a personal interest in some items - however the needs of the community must remain uppermost.