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Understanding the World

Understanding of the World
The children investigate the things around them by using all of their senses both inside and outside. They notice when things change such as changes in materials and seasonal changes and talk about why this might be. They ask questions about the past and present, about why and how things work and about the cultures and beliefs of ourselves and the people around us.

The children explore the different uses of ICT around us. They learn to program a bee-bot, access apps and the camera on iPads and how to use technological toys, as well as using the Interactive Whiteboards within the classroom.

Dear Children,

I have put together some Science home learning activities for you to try in addition to some great websites to look at.

If you complete any science at home please send a picture to your teacher via your class blog on Purple Mash (from Monday 27th April) and ask them to send it to me! (Please – no surnames or child’s faces for privacy). I can then put some on the science page to share.

Remember to always ask an adult before attempting any experiments J


Keep well, keep safe and keep smiling!


Mrs Reed x