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Year R

Independence and Attitude
Every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfil their potential. A child’s experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances. A secure, safe and happy childhood is important in its own right, and it provides the foundation for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up. (EYFS Statutory Framework)

The Foundation Stage at Manor Infant School delivers a rich and balanced curriculum in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance.

We start our day in Reception by hanging up our own coat on our peg and putting away our book bags and water bottles and then posting our name in the post-box so everyone knows we are here! If we are having a school dinner, we choose what we would like, or we put our packed lunch box on the trolley. We are allowed to choose our first activity and catch up with our friends before we have the register. Throughout the day, we learn through the seven areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
During our year in Reception, we learn that our classroom rules help to make our school a happy place to be in. We build relationships with each other and enjoy sharing our thoughts and ideas on a daily basis. We have fruit time every day which is a great opportunity for us to share news and experiences with our class.

Physical Development
Games is really fun! We learn to play lots of team games. We learn to throw, catch, roll and dribble with balls, how to take turns and that exercise keeps us healthy. We also do gymnastics where we learn to climb, move and balance on different pieces of apparatus.

One of our favourite things to do is use our outdoor learning area for our physical development. We love using the bikes, hoppers, stilts and constructing with different apparatus for us to climb on.

We use a range of things to help us develop our fine motor skills. We often use scissors and glue to create pictures and collages in the cutting and sticking areas of our classrooms.

Communication and Language
We like to listen and talk to each other sharing our news and views. It is fun to listen to stories and to anticipate what will happen next. We soon learn how to ask and answer questions. In our classes we are happy to meet our friends to talk about our games, toys and families.

We write everyday sometimes using our writing books, but often in our writing and role-play areas. We love reading. We have our own library where we can come and read as many books as we like. Each week we take these books home to share with our family. We also get to take a reading book home with us each week to help us learn to read.

Our teachers read to us lots of times throughout the week. We enjoy talking about the stories we read and have fun learning words to help us. Each week we get the chance to read with our teacher through guided reading.

Every day we have a phonics session, we follow the Jolly Phonics scheme, where we learn the sounds that each letter of the alphabet makes and the name of the letter too. We play games and practise our blending and segmenting to make different words.


We use a whole school approach to improving letter formation and handwriting. The scheme that we use is called Kinetic Letters. It is based on ensuring the children have the strength in their bodies, arms, wrists, hands and fingers to prepare them for the skill of handwriting.

Mathematical Development
We enjoy learning about shapes, numbers, calculating, counting and pattern at school. We are always learning about maths, even when we don’t realise it! Every day we have opportunities to talk about maths and put it into practice through playing games, role play situations and in our outside area.

Understanding of the World
We like to investigate the things around by using all of our senses. We notice when things change and talk about why this might be. We ask questions about past and present and about the cultures and beliefs of ourselves and the people around us.

We use the computers everyday. We enjoy playing lots of games and are very good at using the mouse. We look forward to going to the ICT suite each week to learn about how to use different programmes. We also use the Interactive Whiteboard everyday to play games and draw pictures in our classrooms.

Sometimes we go into assembly when we think about different stories and experiences.

Expressive Arts and Design
We use our creative areas for many different projects.  We love drawing, painting, collage and colouring. We learn to cut, stick, join and use our imaginations to create a number of exciting things.

We also really enjoy learning to dance. We listen carefully to the music and have a go at moving our bodies in time!

We have a music cupboard at school filled with lots of different musical instruments. We enjoy getting them out and playing them to explore the sounds that they make and the ways in which we can change them. We have musical instruments out every day in our outside area!