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Autumn 2

This half term Year 2 will be following the Phase 6 Phonics/ Spelling Curriculum. Please help your child at home to learn these terms and practise applying them.


What does the term mean?

Can they give examples where the term has been used? 

Can they spell the examples correctly?


Weeks 1 and 2 - Homophones (words that make the same sound but have different meanings and spellings) - e.g. to, too, two,

there, their, they're, Etc. 


Week 3 - Syllables (the number of sounds in a word) - e.g. had has 1 syllable,

colour has 2 syllables,

beautiful has 3 syllables, Etc.

Can they count how many syllables are in different words by clapping the sounds they hear in the word?


Week 4 - Past tense - 'ed' endings for verbs - e.g. jump becomes jumped,

walk becomes walked, Etc. 


Week 5 - 'ing' endings for verbs - e.g. read becomes reading,

run becomes running, Etc. 


Week 6 - Adverbs - 'ly' endings - e.g. lovely,

recently, Etc.


Week 7 - Revisiting Autumn 1 Phase 5 sounds and spelling patterns for these sounds. See Autumn 1 Phonics section for more details.


Week 8 - Revisiting Autumn 2 Phase 6 spelling patterns. See this section for more details.