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Bravery & Honesty

  • In Year R, children are willing to have a go at new experiences and ask for help if they need it. They will be able to talk about their likes and dislikes and try to tell the truth.
  • In Year 1, children are confident to try new experiences. They will self-regulate their emotions, sometimes with support. Children understand that there are consequences for actions and can discuss some of these. Children understand the importance of always telling the truth.
  • In Year 2, children are able to self-regulate independently and take responsibility for their actions. Children are able to self-reflect on a situation and know how to rectify it. Children are keen to explore new situations and have developed a ‘have a go’ attitude towards new learning.
  • Our parents and carers will model trying new experiences and asking for help when needed. They will discuss concerns with school staff. Parents and carers will be able to admit when they are wrong and model apologising when appropriate.
  • Our staff and governors will model being brave to the children in our school. They will provide honest feedback and keep an open mind to feedback they receive. Staff and governors will be open to children and share their feelings as appropriate. They will have the courage to say when something is not right and ask for help when needed.