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At Manor Infant School we aim to implement a curriculum that is exciting, inspiring, engaging and challenges all learners to work at the limit of their capability to achieve their potential. We aim to ensure High Quality Inclusive Teaching is effective to ensure learning is irresistible and engaging for all learners. We aim to develop the whole child, helping children to grow and develop as people in today’s modern world.


Our spiral Design and Technology curriculum means that pupils revisit the process of design, make and evaluate throughout their time in school, with the skills becoming increasingly complex to advance pupils knowledge and develop the necessary skills and attributes to be a citizen in today’s modern world. Our Design and Technology curriculum allows our pupils to use creativity and imagination: to design, make and evaluate products that solve real and relevant problems, within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values, through a cross-curricular and thematic approach. Our school values of Love & kindness, Bravery & honesty, Exploring & learning, Teamwork & friendship and Love of life and our world are planned into our Design and Technology medium term plans, as appropriate, to help our pupils identify, develop and demonstrate our values both in and outside of the school gates.


Caring, kind and understanding members of our school family, who will learn and grow in an environment that promotes well-being, positive relationships and respect, and celebrates everyone as individuals as well as part of our team. Within the Design and Technology curriculum pupils have opportunities to evaluate each other’s products to demonstrate kindness, respect and celebrate each other’s creations.


Resilient and determined learners, who are not afraid to make mistakes and make the most of all the opportunities they are presented with. This is planned in the Design and Technology curriculum particularly within the ‘make’ stage of the process.


Inquisitive learners who are enthusiastic about their learning, enjoy exploring endless opportunities and learn the essential skills to prepare them for their future. The products that are planned for the pupils to design, make and evaluate enable them to be enthusiastic and enjoy exploring the particularly learning that is being taught. 


Confident and responsible members of society who have the skills to build friendships, learn collaboratively and work together to resolve conflicts.


Positive and connected individuals who understand the importance of looking after ourselves, each other and the world we live in. Each year pupils learn about cooking and nutrition which helps them to understand about food, where it comes from and the importance of a healthy and variety diet. This helps pupils to learn how to look after themselves, each other and the world we live in.

Design & Technology Overview 2021-2022

Design & Technology Vocabulary

Design & Technology Home Learning Opportunities

Please ensure that your child is supervised whilst using the internet.

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