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The help of parents and families is vital - all to the benefit of the school's children.


The fundraising committee runs activities, and provides equipment, which the children could not otherwise have.

Parents are welcome to come along to meetings and all suggestions are welcome.

We have helped the school to provide:

  • computers for the ICT suite (£4000)
  • the quiet area outside the school hall
  • the tyre park in the playground
  • disco lights and equipment
  • the 'boat' in the playground outside year 1 classrooms
  • programmable robots for all classrooms
  • DVD and CD players for classrooms
  • wet play resources
  • all food for the Christmas parties
  • raffle prizes (cash prizes, hamper, big items e.g. Xbox 360)

...and more!

The Fundraising Committee arrange and run:
  • the Christmas fayre
  • the Christmas disco and party
  • Mother's day present making
  • Father's day present making
  • the Summer fayre
  • the Summer disco
  • the Christmas 'secret room'
  • Sponsored events
  • Cake sales
  • Nearly new uniform sale

Without the help of parents and families this would not be possible.
Our fundraising activities and committee meetings are open to all families with children in Manor Infant School. The help of parents, grandparents and carers is essential.

There are three ways to help:
  • Help raise funds
  • Help run events and activities
  • Come along to events

The fundraising team run a range of activities throughout the school year and rely on parents, grandparents and carers to help. Without this help activities such as the summer fayre, school discos and secret room would not take place.

Requests for help vary depending on the activity but include:
  • Wrapping of lucky dip prizes
  • Persuading companies to support/sponsor/provide prizes
  • Sticking on tickets for tombola prizes
  • Help at sponsored events
  • Help with secret room activities
  • Manning stalls at the summer fayre

Events such as the summer fayre are run in school time and children are only able to attend with a parent or guardian.

Manor Infant School Fundraising Team

We are a small group of parents and teachers who work to raise funds so that the school's children can have equipment and enjoy activities which could not otherwise be possible.

The Fundraising Committee includes:
Lauren Browne (Chair)
Christy Phillips (Treasurer)
Judy Reed (Secretary)
Nicola Urry (member)

Mrs F Maskill (School staff member)

The school is represented on the committee by a member of school staff

To contact us either speak to one of the above outside school or email us at

We would love ideas for fundraising and, especially, help with what we do.