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The governing body consists of 11 members:

  • The Headteacher
  • Staff governor                   – elected by staff members
  • 3 Parent governors           – elected by parents
  • Local Authority governor   – approved by the local councillor
  • 5 Co-Opted governors      – recruited on the basis of skills and experience required by the governing body

Governor Details - January 2021


Name Category Appointed By Term of Office End Date Committee Membership
Emma Dare Head Teacher Ex-officio    
Michelle Gujer Local Authority GB 10 Nov 2023 Pay
Nicky Reed Staff Staff 10 Jan 2025  
Zoe Duff Co-opted GB 8 Sept 2023  
Becky Craggs Co-opted GB 13 Sept 2024 Pay
Chris Farmer Co-opted GB 13 Sept 2024 Pay
Chris Waters Co-opted GB 8 Nov 2024  
Stacey Parsons Parent Parents 10 Nov 2023  
Megan Beardsmore-Rust Parent Parents 6 Dec 2024  
Jess Groom Co-opted GB 8 Jun 2020  
Caroline Peacock Co-opted GB 6 Jul 2020  
Lucy Quarendon Staff Staff October 2020  
Simon Acott Co-opted GB January 2021  



Register of Governors’ Interests – January 2021


Name Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment Date of Cessation Date of Entry
Emma Dare Nil         15/09/2020
Stacey Parsons Manor Infant School School Family member employed at school April 2018   01/09/2020
Zoe Duff Manor Infant School School Employed as Finance Officer     14/09/2020
Michelle Gujer Cove Junior School School Employee     10/09/2020
Becky Craggs Nil         31/07/2020
Chris Farmer Nil         03/09/2020
Chris Waters            
Nicky Reed Manor Infant School School Employee     11/01/2021
Megan Beardsmore-Rust Nil         03/12/2020
Jess Groom Nil         03/02/2020
Caroline Peacock Nil         03/09/2019
Lucy Quarendon Greyhound Lifeline Charity Trustee Co-manager 2010   10/09/2018
Simon Acott