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The governing body consists of 11 members:

  • The Headteacher
  • Staff governor                   – elected by staff members
  • 3 Parent governors           – elected by parents
  • Local Authority governor   – approved by the local councillor
  • 5 Co-Opted governors      – recruited on the basis of skills and experience required by the governing body

Governors Details - September 2020


Name Category Appointed By Term of Office End Date Committee Membership
Emma Dare Head Teacher      
Lucy Quarendon Staff Staff 29 Sept 2022  
Michelle Gujer Local Authority GB 10 Nov 2023 Pay
Stacey Parsons Parent GB 10 Nov 2023  
Zoe Duff Co-opted GB 8 Sept 2023  
Becky Craggs Co-opted GB 13 Sept 2024 Pay
Chris Farmer Co-opted GB 13 Sept 2024 Pay
Jess Groom Co-opted GB 8 June 2020  
Caroline Peacock Co-opted GB 6 July 2020  



Register of Governors’ Interests – September 2020


Name Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment Date of Cessation Date of Entry
Emma Dare Nil         15/09/2020
Lucy Quarendon Greyhound Lifeline Charity Trustee Co-manager 2010   10/09/2018
Stacey Parsons Manor Infant School School Family member employed at school April 2018   01/09/2020
Zoe Duff Manor Infant School School Employed as Finance Officer     14/09/2020
Michelle Gujer Cove Junior School School Employee     10/09/2020
Becky Craggs Nil         31/07/2020
Chris Farmer Nil         03/09/2020
Jess Groom Nil         03/02/2020
Caroline Peacock Nil         03/09/2019