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Teamwork & Friendship

  • In Year R, children will be able to share, socialise, understand, communicate, respect boundaries and take turns with adult support and modelling. They will begin to self-regulate their emotions and resolve conflicts with the support of adults.
  • In Year 1, children co-operate with one another and have built on their skills of sharing, socialising, understanding, communicating, respecting boundaries and turn taking, with the help of adult modelling.  Children can self-regulate conflict resolution with adult support.
  • In Year 2, children work together and collaborate in play and work. Children can share with each other and take turns without prompting from an adult. They can communicate respectfully and appreciate boundaries. Children are often able to resolve conflict with increasing independence. 
  • Our parents and carers will build positive relationships with both their children and the school. They will support their child’s learning and engage with school life.
  • Our staff and governors will provide critical support for one another and support without judgement. Staff and governors will have clearly defined roles and responsibilities and promote an open and honest work environment.