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Love of Life and Our World

  • In Year R, children will learn by exploring through play and observing others in their environment. They will start to question the world around them and work towards finding some of the answers.
  • In Year 1, children become more responsible for themselves and their belongings. Children are more independent and show respect to themselves, each other and the world we live in. 
  • In Year 2, children are independent in their work and play. They are self-motivated and keen to find out more information about their world. They show an awareness of different cultures and make links between their experiences and their learning. Children are able to share and support each other in their learning.
  • Our parents and carers will share their children’s experiences of life at home and outside of school. They will use Tapestry and learning platforms to play an active part in school life.
  • Our staff and governors will model our school values and recognise and celebrate the values in others. They will plan and teach a curriculum that is engaging, exciting and promotes a love of learning.