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At Manor Infant School we aim to implement a curriculum that is exciting, inspiring, engaging and challenges all learners to work at the limit of their capability to achieve their potential. We aim to ensure High Quality Inclusive Teaching is effective to ensure learning is irresistible and engaging for all learners. We aim to develop the whole child, helping children to grow and develop as people in today’s modern world.


Our spiral PSHE curriculum means that pupils revisit the themes of relationships, health and well-being and living in the wider world throughout their time in school, with the content becoming increasingly complex to advance pupils knowledge and develop the necessary skills and attributes to be a citizen in today’s society. Through our PSHE curriculum we equip our children with a moral compass and positive values in order to thrive in a rapidly changing society. Our school values of love & kindness, bravery & honesty, exploring & learning, teamwork & friendship and love of life and our world are at the heart of our PSHE curriculum and linked to each of the half termly units, as appropriate, to help our pupils identify, develop and demonstrate our values both in and outside of the school gates.


Our PSHE curriculum, in conjunction with our school values, aim to ensure that:



  • Pupils will be able to demonstrate love and kindness by learning how to be a good friend and developing positive relationships, including online relationships. They will explore the role families play in loving and caring for us and the common themes of all families. 
  • By being brave and honest, our pupils will have opportunities to express themselves and their opinions, learn to agree and disagree with one another in a respectful way and learn what to do and who to speak to if they are worried about anything. 
  • Pupils will explore different scenarios relating to the themes of relationships, health and well-being and living in the wide world. Together they will explore a variety of emotions, how these affect themselves and others and where they can seek support if they are worried about their own or others’ mental health.  Pupils will learn what to do in a variety of situations to keep themselves healthy and safe and to look after each other and our world. 
  • There will be opportunities for teamwork, where pupils can share their ideas and learn together whilst developing strong friendships
  • All units of our PSHE curriculum are designed to promote our pupil’s love of life and the world, including what we can do to make a difference and become an active citizen in today’s world. 



Our PSHE Learning