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Summer 2

This half term Year 2 will be recapping reading and spelling the following Year 2 Common Exception Words.  Please help your child at home to learn them.


How many different ways can they write them down?

E.g. using magnetic letters, writing with coloured pencils, using chalks, painting the words, saying the words outloud and sounding out the words outloud.

Can they write them in a sentence?


Week 1 - door, floor, poor, mind, find, kind, behind

Week 2 - child, wild, climb, most, only, both

Week 3 - cold, gold, hold, told, great, break, steak

Week 4 - class, grass, pass, after, fast, last, past

Week 5 - father, plant, bath, half, people, come, some

Week 6 - path, very, went, where, here, there, said