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At Manor Infant School, we aim to implement a curriculum that is exciting, inspiring, engaging and challenges ALL learners to work at the limit of their capability to achieve their full potential. We aim to ensure High Quality Inclusive Teaching is effective to ensure learning is irresistible and engaging for all learners. 


Music at Manor Infant School enables our pupils to develop their creativity whilst providing opportunities to express themselves both individually and collaboratively through music. Pupils will develop their musical skills through singing, playing, rehearsing, performing, notating, listening, responding, describing and discussing through the Early Years Provision and through a cross curricular approach in KS1. The pupils will learn the musical dimensions; tempo, timbre, texture, structure, pitch, duration, and dynamics. They will be encouraged to explore, experiment, and reflect on their own musical creations during rehearsals, to be brave when performing to an audience, and to show love and kindness when listening to their peers’ performances. The pupils will listen to a range high quality live and recorded pieces of music to inspire their own musical creations, whilst beginning to appreciate the world of music around them.


Music Progression of Skills