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School Values & Ethos


"Be the best we can be!"



Love & kindness          Bravery & honesty         Exploring & learning   


Teamwork & friendship         Love of life and our world


Through our Vision and Values At Manor Infant School we aim to make learning irresistible for all through:


• Providing a safe and stimulating environment where all learners grow and flourish

• Offering an exciting, inspiring and challenging curriculum

• Having high aspirations for all learners to ensure they reach their full potential

• Our professional and committed team of staff and governors

• Our strong partnership with parents and the local community.


We are very proud of our school where we encourage each other to be the best that we can be.

Our School Pledge


The Staff will:

  • Teach your child in a safe, caring and well-ordered environment
  • Value each child as a unique individual
  • Encourage pupils to develop a growth mindset and enjoy challenge
  • Develop children’s independence by giving them increasing responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and belongings
  • Make your child’s education meaningful and enjoyable
  • Help prepare your child to become a valued member of society
  • Promote kindness, courtesy and good manners • Recognise and reward success and achievement
  • Provide current information about your child’s education and school activities
  • Meet with you at agreed times to discuss progress, success and concerns


As Parents, we expect you to:

  • Value your child’s education - "every school day counts!"
  • Support Manor Infant School in maintaining high standards in all areas
  • Ensure your child arrives at school on time, appropriately dressed, equipped and ready to benefit from the day at school
  • Ensure all holidays are taken outside of term time.
  • Communicate with the school regarding anything which may affect your child’s education or welfare
  • Encourage your child to take a pride and interest in their work at home, as well as at school
  • Encourage good behaviour, politeness and respect for others and their property


We expect our pupils to:

  • Work as hard as they can and take pride in their work at school and at home
  • Understand and keep the rules that make us 'Team Manor’
  • Be kind and helpful to others at all times
  • Tell a grownup if they are upset or unhappy
  • Look after their belongings and take care of other people’s things