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At Manor Infant School, we believe that reading is an integral part of learning. We are striving to build a culture where reading for pleasure is highly valued and pupils become lifelong readers. Our children are encouraged to read a wide variety of genres, including (but not limited to) reading books to take home, matched to their developing phonics knowledge. Through our English lessons, we teach our children key reading skills and apply these to a range of texts linked to their learning across the curriculum.


Reading is an essential life skill – success in reading will enable our children to communicate more effectively at school, at home and in the wider world. The skills of speaking, listening and reading will enable our children to express their own thoughts, and access the knowledge and ideas of others. The ability to respond to literature enriches our children’s lives.

We aim to ensure that all children have the chance to follow an enriching curriculum by getting them reading early. Competence in reading is the key to independent learning and has a direct effect on progress in all other areas of the curriculum. We want our children to be ‘readers’, not just children who can read.


We will ensure that all children have equal access to the curriculum, regardless of gender, race, religion or ability. Children with specific reading, speech and language or hearing difficulties will be identified and supported through support programmes in school and external help will be sought where necessary.



At Manor Infant School, we are striving to create a love for writing: we want every child to enjoy writing, and to find it a pleasurable and meaningful experience. This means our children will develop their speaking and listening skills, alongside their writing through the use of an engaging curriculum and rich texts as a stimulus for writing.


Throughout their time at Manor Infant School, children will develop their skills through a range of appropriate and engaging activities focusing on speaking and listening skills, developing towards generating a piece of writing of which are children are proud to have produced. Children will have the opportunity to exploring a range of different forms, with a focus on exploring a range of models of excellence (WAGOLLs) and using these to guide the writing process. Opportunities to write should be meaningful for our children (purpose), demonstrating the importance of audience, and relevant to our children’s interests and experiences. We expect children to continually work to the best of their ability, every time a child writes in any subject.


At Manor Infant School, we recognise that although writing can be a useful tool for recording learning across the curriculum, it may not be relevant to the skills specific to foundation subjects. Therefore we ensure that we focus on the skills relevant to the subject in question, and plan opportunities for writing when appropriate and relevant to pupils’ learning.