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Welcome to our Home Learning Zone


Please refer to your year group page for where to find remote learning being set for pupils learning at home.


Work will be set for children to complete using the online platforms: Tapestry.


We understand the home learning presents many challenges for families. Remember that home learning does not always have to use a screen - here are some other activities you can explore to help you to demonstrate one of our school values: 'Love of Life and Our World'


  • Explore your garden: What minibeasts can you see? What sounds can you hear? Where do the animals live? Can you create a minibeast hotel in your garden?
  • Share a book: share a book as a family. Read with your children and discuss what you're reading - now would be a great time to start a novel as a family such as 'Harry Potter' or 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'.
  • Learn a new skill: have a go at cooking together (with appropriate adult supervision!), tidy the garden, upcycle your recycling into a new product, maybe even try some sewing!
  • Get fit! Try some yoga, set up an obstacle course, Simon Says, balloon keepie-uppies or even have a dance party - anything to get your body moving and heart pumping!
  • Craft: Make a collage, try some finger painting, cutting and sticking.
  • Learning through play: Build a fort and play castles, try the 30 Day Lego Challenge, put on a sock puppet show, dress up as a favourite character, jigsaws, imaginative play!

For ideas on keeping fit and active, please see: